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2010 Cycle Challenge Team

Volker Schuhbock

Volker Schuhbock

Johann Maré (Organiser and tandem cyclist) –Sun City

Ernest Horn (Team Captain) – Pretoria

Julandé Maré (Chairperson and tandem cyclist) – Sun City

Yvette Negrine (Vice Chairperson) – Sun City

Shaun Wienand (Safety Officer) – Sun City

Terence Parkin (Olympic Champion) – Johannesburg

Johann Reyneke (Elite Rider) – Worcester

Angelos Frantzeskos (tandem rider) – Johannesburg

Cindy Wilson (tandem rider) – Johannesburg

Clinton Dale – Sun City

Ingo and Angelos get creative for the camera during a break

Ingo and Angelos get creative for the camera during a break

Richard Sansbury – Sun City

Dewald Hattingh – Kempton Park

Anton Ashenbrenner

Anton Ashenbrenner

Leonard Appelgryn – Dubai

David van Heerden – Johannesburg

Ingo Weldmann – Germany

Misheck Zimunya – Zimbabwe

George van Rooyen – Pretoria

Hennie Fourie – Rustenburg

Sakkie van der Merwe – Pretoria (oldest cyclist on the tour, 68 years old and going strong!)

Jonathan Cohen – Johannesburg

Graham Prinsloo – Brackendowns

Joseph Sehunoe – Sun City

Brian Mosweu – Mogwase

Julande Mare

Julande Mare

Reiner Stolz – Germany

Anton Ashenbrenner – Germany

Richard Wimmer – Germany

Markus Kalb – Germany

Lean Janse van Rensburg – Pretoria

Volker Schuhböck – Germany

Rupert Polak – Austria

Dominique Gaines – Johannesburg

Joseph Sehunoe

Joseph Sehunoe

Yvette Negrine

Yvette Negrine

Misheck Zimunya demonstrates that we only have THIS far to go!

Misheck Zimunya demonstrates that we only have THIS far to go!

2 Responses to Meet the Team

  1. Gusti van Rooyen says:

    Hi Tamara and hello to all you crazy cyclists!

    I would like to take this apportunity to send a MILLION thanks to every person in the support team – the drivers, the medics, the physiotherapists, the people involved in the admin, EVERYONE! Without you, this tour would not have been possible and I know from experience that some nights you guys must have felt more tired than the cyclists! The smallest thing is sometimes taken for granted. THANK YOU!!

    And then, the cyclists! Well done on completing this wonderful experience! Can you believe that it’s almost over? I’m sure this is a time in your life that you will cherish forever!

    I hope you will all have the best Argus ever! ENJOY!

  2. Wooooohooooo!! Well done, everyone!
    What a well-organised charity event!
    Very proud of you all!
    See, you did it, and I bet you that there was even some doubt in each and every one of your minds at some stage or another. Well, fact of the matter is, you all made it and in good shape.
    Good luck for the Argus ride! Hope the wind plays along this year!
    Greetings from Dubai
    Carinda and family

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