The Table Bay Hotel Produces Their Very Own Exclusive Wines called The Captain’s Table

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As part of our “best address in the cape” theme, The Table Bay Hotel wanted to really shine as being the best. Our thoughts ran deep and we brainstormed as we wanted to offer our guests something exclusive… What better way than to produce our very own wine.

Wines Served at The Table Bay Hotel

The idea was welcomed by everyone at The Table Bay Hotel, as no-one on the team had ever done this before. In order to make the wine exclusive, we decided that both the white and red wine will have to be blended. This would allow us to put an exclusive identity to the wine. Since we stock more than 500 different wines on our award winning wine list… the competition was tough as we didn’t want to outshine our complex wine list, nor did we want a wine to come across as immature. We then opted for a wine that would be easy to drink on its own and also had a bit of weight to stand up to the Atlantic cuisine.

After much debate… we all agreed on a Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend for the white and a Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz blend for the red. The Sauvignon Blanc was selected in two different components- the larger component being very tropical and soft acidity. The second component of the Sauvignon was selected to add a bit of freshness to the wine as well as hints of freshly cut grass and asparagus. The remainder of the wine (about 20%) was Semillon, and this component was matured in small oak barrels. This was done to add another dimension to the blend and to complete the marriage of the two Sauvignon Blanc components and also to add a bit off palate weight to the blend. All components were sourced from the prestige Elgin valley ward… known for its altitude and fresh crisp white wines. The red wine was sourced form carefully selected sites within the western cape to produce a red wine that is soft and embraced with ripe dark fruit… lifted by gentle warm spices. The blend comprises of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon- for structure and generous mouth feel and palate weight, while the Shiraz component adds a bit of sweet ripe black fruit aromas that dances along warm spices.

The Captain’s Table

After all the hard work of creating a wine that would have our guests coming back for more… The Table Bay Hotel was left with one more obstacle. A beautifully crafted wine, blended to perfection with our own identity… didn’t have a name. So in an attempt to involve as much people in the programme, we decided that who better to come with a name for our wine, than our lovely staff. We made an announcement, that whoever came up with the best name for our wine would win a prize. This sparked the imagination of all staff. After much debate by our management team… the winning name for our wine was elected as “The Captain’s Table”, since the idea to produce our very own wine started around the captain’s table.

Resident Sommelier at the Table Bay Hotel, Dominic Bowers invites everyone to contact The Table Bay Hotel on +27 21 406 5918 or e-mail and come to experience our beautifully crafted house wine, whether on its own, on the pool deck overlooking the bay, or on the terrace overlooking the harbour with Table Mountain in the background at lunch time… our wine is crafted in a way that would benefit everyone.

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