Charity Cycle Club Tour – Day 2

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Friday the 2nd of March 2012 – 215km

4h30 rise and shine, breakfast and back in the saddles for a 6h00 take off. The day was hot, REALLY HOT, and with the previous day’s falls and 250 kilometres leg behind the cyclists, you would think that their spirits would be dampened, but nevertheless the passion of cycling took over and they enjoyed the day’s 215 kilometres to the stunning Protea Lodge in Christiana, with smiles and full of life.

The day is just getting better and better as the beers come out and it is time to relax. However the best part of the day was when our fellow cyclist joined us again from where she stayed over at the hospital. All she wants to do is get back on her bike, but the doctor advised that her cycling regime will have to be limited to a stationary bike for the next four weeks.

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