Charity Cycle Club Tour – Day 3

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Saturday the 3rd of March 2012 – Christiana to Kimberley 125km

A full hour’s more sleep as we only went to breakfast at 6h00, coupled with a short ride as the destination, Kimberley, was only 125 kilometres away, made for a quick day. We arrived to a cheering crowd of Pink Flamingo Casino employees, who were in great spirits as a double celebration was taking place. Along with the Charity Cycle Tour’s 10th anniversary it is also the Pink Flamingo’s 10th birthday. There will be a great birthday bash with fireworks and bubbly to celebrate the event.

The second reason is that R50 000 was donated today to the Thusong Children’s Home and to Child Line Northern Cape. This momentous occasion is what the tour is all about and it was with a very emotional and heartfelt thank you speech from the recipients that we could feel the contribution goes to a worthy cause.

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