Charity Cycle Club Tour – Day 4

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Sunday the 4th of March 2012 – Kimberley to Britstown

Mental preparation was drilled into our minds for the very long day was lying ahead of us but that didn’t stop us from celebrating Oom Sarel Botha’s birthday today. Happy birthday Oom!!!

3h30 rise and shine to get ready for the 4h00 breakfast; and what a feast it was. The road lodge made us feel extra special by having some delicious treats for us to snack on. 5h00 the ride started, all wearing their reflector jackets as we have risen before the sun did.

The ride really took its toll. Mechanical problems early on, loads of punctures, oodles of road works with stop and go intersections and a scorching sun burning not only pale German skins but also the tough old South African skins.

We are tremendously proud of the boys and girls today as the classification of the tour, “endurance race”, really earned its classification today and they made it through. The reward was fantastic though. A feeling of camaraderie boosted the spirits and the enthusiasm for the achievement is creating the necessary stamina for tomorrow’s equally hard ride.

We were spoilt once again with the most mouth-watering dinner possible and a beautiful birthday lemon meringue for Oom Sarel. Now off to bed as tomorrow will be whole new test in itself.

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