Charity Cycle Club Tour – Day 5

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Monday the 5th of March 2012 – Britstown to Beaufort-West

The Charity Tour Riders

The Charity Tour Riders

We seem to get better with the 3h30 rise and shine as everybody was all smiles and enthusiasm for the day ahead. We were off to a slow start in the dark once again, warming up the sore muscles of yesterday, realising early on that today will be the true test of endurance as a whole new mental block would have to be broken to get back on the saddle.

This tour is a tour of extremes as yesterday we had to ride in the scorching heat and today it felt like icy gale winds were trying to freeze us to a halt. Nevertheless there is no stopping these cyclists, they just kept going and going and going.

The distance really started taking its toll on the cyclists in the afternoon as was evident in the amount of old injuries that started to play up again, forcing some of the cyclist to get off their bicycles and into the busses, not only for their own safety but also for the better of the group.

16h30 we arrived at the Wagon Wheel lodge, everything ready to just get settled in for a nice relaxing evening, with great food and some even better company. Hopefully the muscles will be well rested for tomorrow.

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