Charity Cycle Club Tour Day 8

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Thursday the 8th of March 2012 Golden Valley Casino to The Table Bay Hotel

The end was drawing ever closer, we could feel it. Not only because we could sleep in until 6h00, have a hearty hotel breakfast and relax with energy preparations but also because everybody had to get into the busses for the first part of the journey, which took us through spectacular views of swallowing mountains and through the famous Cape tunnel echoing our enthusiastic screams as we bellowed out our lungs all the way through.

The cyclists had to muster up every last bit of strength they had, to get back onto their bicycles for the grand finale up to the Table Bay Hotel, but for these endurance cyclists, taking the last week of cycling into account, meant that this final leg was like a warm-up session for them as it was only 70 kilometres.

The support staff had the second most stressful day of the tour, the first day taking the number one spot, as we had to cycle through frantic traffic up to the end of Bellville, where our police escorts waited for us to lead the way to the Table Bay Hotel.

We gathered together as a group at the V&A Waterfront. Here we met our celebrity guest, Liezel van der Westhuizen, who accompanied us through the waterfront and the cheering crowds on our way to the The Table Bay Hotel. We felt like true celebrities with the huge adoring welcoming committee that awaited us.

It is with proud hearts that we got to give R 100 000 to the Nazareth House on this magnificent final destination day.

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