Riding From Sun City To Table Bay For Charity

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The intrepid team of cyclists share their stories about the Sun City to Table Bay Charity Cycle Tour. Read about their journey so far, from Sun City to Kimberley.

Thursday, 3 March – Pre-Race Preparations

The Charity Cycle Tour started off with the pre-tour briefing at 10am. We all clubbed together and packed the support vehicles with all the food we’d need, inclusive of 200kg of biltong, as well as a large supply of beverages and all the necessary medical supplies.

Our team of cyclists seemed slightly apprehensive, but excitement was overriding any fears or doubts and we all couldn’t wait to get on the road. We were treated to a welcome dinner at the Sun City Shebeen in the evening; complete with traditional African Gumboot Dancing that we all partook in as a team-building event. After working up voracious appetites, we dined on a superb carbo-loading dinner before turning in for an early night.

Day 1: Friday, 4 March – Sun City to Lichtenburg

Rise and shine at 05h30 for an early breakfast, followed by a quick photo shoot before we left. Our families, Sun City staff and the media were all there to say goodbye and to wish us luck. Finally we were on our way, and we could not ask for a more perfect day on which to start this adventure. We rode through the local township of Ledig, and made our way past Rustenburg and beyond for 170km to our first destination, Lichtenburg.

The route was a little bit challenging and hilly, especially for those cyclists riding tandem. We all rode exceptionally well despite the challenging circumstances and arrived in Lichtenburg after 5.45 hours. Everyone appeared to be intact with no sense of humour failures. We were welcomed by beautiful accommodation, excellent food and the assurance that everyone would be on track for the following day.

Day 2: Saturday, 5 March – Lichtenburg to Christiana

The route we rode from Lichtenburg to Christiana was the longest stretch on the tour, consisting of 270km of road that (thankfully) wasn’t too hilly. We experienced a slight cross tail wind that was extremely welcome, as well as consistent cloud cover that kept us cool and comfortable.

We arrived in Christiana after 7.5 hours in the saddle, once again without incident or serious injuries. Our spirits were instantly elevated when we were shown to our wonderful accommodation and of course when we got to eat.

Day 3: Sunday, 6 March – Christiana to Kimberley

We had a lovely, long rest and got off to a late start leaving Christiana. The extra sleep helped us finish this ride in no time, taking just over 3 hours to complete the 120km stretch to Kimberley. We looked back at our journey so far and realised we’ve covered 560km in 3 days; pretty impressive considering we’re on bicycles!

Our physio’s had extra time to work on our sore muscles, and spirits have been soaring as the camaraderie of this tour becomes evident. Today’s downtime was much appreciated, as we all know that tomorrow is a big day with a haul of 260km to Britstown.

4 Responses to Riding From Sun City To Table Bay For Charity

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  2. Sun International says:

    2012 Sun City to Table Bay Charity Cycle Tour

    Thank you for showing interest in this amazing event!

    Unfortunately ALL Entries are now Closed!

    The maximum number of riders has been met, and no further entries will be taken.

    Any queries, please email

    Johann Mare’
    Chairman: The Charity Cycling Club
    Web address: http://www.charitycycletour.co.za
    E-mail: johann.mare@za.suninternational.com

    Cell: 082 805 6818
    Direct: 014 557 3061
    Fax: 014 557 1355

  3. Johan Prinsloo says:

    I want to know how can i enter for this race?Do i have to qualify for it or not?

    • Sun International says:

      Hi Johan

      This was not a race. It was something that Sun City do for charity to raise funds. It was a 8 day cycle tour which finished last week.

      Kind regards

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