Savour Chef Dallas Orr’s Inspired “Marine Week” Menu

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Every year, Sun International’s Table Bay Hotel, situated at the Cape Town Waterfront, celebrates National Marine Week in order to create an awareness of sustainable seafood. The ocean has always been viewed as a bottomless resource but the reality is that marine resources are finite. The ancient tradition of fishing has in many cases left in its wake dangerously depleted fish stocks and an unbalanced ecosystem that could jeopardise the existence of a number of key species.

Buying the right fish is no longer an easy process as I need to know how it was caught and from where,” says Executive Chef, Dallas Orr. “Many of the fish we love to eat are vanishing because of the intense pressure we’re putting on our ocean resources. Fish are being caught too young before they can reproduce; tons of unwanted fish are discarded in the search for more desirable catches. Pollution in coastal waters is destroying important fish habitats and toxic mercury contaminates seafood. At the Table Bay Hotel we only serve sustainable seafood – fish that’s abundant, caught or raised in an environmentally friendly manner, and low in mercury. Marine Week gives us an occasion to create new fish dishes – it’s a way for us to show off our capabilities and highlight the plight of marine life at the same time.”

The marine menu will be served from 18 to 24 October in The Lounge for lunch and dinner and also at dinner in The Atlantic Grill.

Orr’s Marine Week Menu is inspired by seafood commonly found in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. He successfully redefines the revolutionary concept of fusion food.

From Peru, he’s taken the traditional Ceviche dish and transformed it into a Japanese style Ceviche dish of yellow fin tuna and yellowtail served with an orange and Miso dressing, with a salad of crisp radishes, citrus slaw, black sesame seeds and baby salad leaves and orange jelly. The citrusy taste perfectly complements the Ceviche.

The Asian inspired dish of oysters is tasty and distinctive. Orr has coated the oysters with Arborio rice powder which gives it an especially crisp crust and serves the dish with Japanese seaweed and salmon roe.

The Spanish influenced dish of baby calamari stuffed with chorizo, feta cheese and fresh marjoram is another global twist on a favourite.

Main course dishes include: a Mediterranean dish of pan seared cod with a vanilla scented crayfish ravioli, macadamia crusted asparagus and fondant potatoes; a Sicilian finessed grilled angelfish dish served with twice cooked crushed potatoes, garlic mussels, mange tout, minted pea puree and warm lemon-shallot dressing; and the Japanese inspired flame grilled yellowfin tuna with a soy and mirin glaze is a delightful fusion of sweet and sour. This is served with baby asparagus, edamame bean, simiji mushrooms, pickled ginger and a sesame soba noodle cake.

Dallas Orr is a chef without boundaries! He constantly embraces the unusual, favouring organic ingredients and fresh produce. As Chef De Cuisine aboard The World he circumnavigated the globe in search of new ideas and cultural influences. As executive chef at Port Ghalib Resort on the Red Sea of Egypt he brought his talent for food fusion to the table and in the untamed wilderness of Zambia he adapted the exotic spice trade food influences – and now at the Table Bay Hotel he is creating his own culinary culture.

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