A New Approach To Chenin Blanc

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In our beautiful country we are blessed with a large number of excellent wine makers. Not only do they produce exceptional wine, but it is good to know that South Africa has dedicated wine makers that are producing world-class wines. As the Table Bay Hotel’s sommelier, I get to taste all the wine wonders of our top wine makers.

The other day I tasted a wine that I thought was excellent. It was a wine that is perceived as “dull” and bland especially by our foreign visitors, and maybe that was the case many, many years ago… I tasted a Chenin Blanc and found it to be very much my liking. At the same time, I noticed that there are a lot of these excellent quality Chenin Blanc wines on the South African market and it is about time our wine makers show the world what we’re capable of producing. These wines also get produced in various styles ranging from dry all the way to sweet wines.

Raats Winery out in Stellenbosch has a whole new approach to Chenin Blanc production. Bruwer, another local wine maker, produces 2 styles, both of excellent quality. The “original” is his entry level that is un-wooded, light and fresh. While the other one is wooded and much more body and mouth feel.

Why don’t you venture to your local wine shop or wine farm and experience some of these great South African flavours for yourself?

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