The 2010 Cycle Challenge – Britstown to Beaufort West

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The 31 dedicated 2010 Cycle Challenge cyclists and their support team hit the road at 04h00 again this morning. Cyclists were geared with their mandatory reflective vests and lights for the first part of the trip before sunrise. The destination is the Northern Cape’s Beaufort West via Victoria West and Three Sisters.

When the cyclists reach Three Sisters, they will be travelling on the N1 freeway so safety is of the utmost importance. The Cycle Challenge has set a precedent with an excellent safety record since the first tour eight years ago and Team Captain Ernest Horn is determined to ensure that this reputation is safeguarded.

Two cyclists who deserve special mention for excelling yesterday are Reiner Stolz and Lean Janse van Rensburg, who received the traditional award of a polka dot cycling top at last night’s team meeting.

Reiner Stolz left Germany and arrived in South Africa on 14 January this year and has demonstrated commitment as he was only able start cycling on the road at this time. Lean Janse van Rensburg also did extremely well yesterday, especially as one of the tour’s youngest riders. He was also selected as today’s domestique.

Pensioner, Reiner Stolz and pilot, Lean Janse van Rensburg proudly display the cycling tops they were awarded.

Pensioner, Reiner Stolz and pilot, Lean Janse van Rensburg proudly display the cycling tops they were awarded.

Today’s trip will total another 260km so it’s another long day on the road for the team!

The team in Britstown

The team in Britstown

In closing, I would like to mention on behalf of the team that our thoughts are with the families of the three cyclists who passed away tragically yesterday in Oudtshoorn.

4 Responses to The 2010 Cycle Challenge – Britstown to Beaufort West

  1. Gusti van Rooyen says:

    Hi Tamara
    By the time you read this, hopefully you’ve arrived in Beaufort-West and then there’s only about 400km’s left for the cyclists!
    Thanks for the news every day, it’s nice to read and to see from the pics that the guys are still doing okay.
    Keep the wheels rolling!

  2. Jurg reyneke says:

    Hi Tamara,
    I dont know if you had time to look at the news last night…they inserted a section of the tour on sabc 2 news !!
    Good luck with the last legs…
    Jurg Reyneke

    • Tamara Polakow says:

      Dear Jurg
      Thank you for your warm wishes. Some of the cyclists saw the news insert. As requested, I will also be posting a list of the cyclists soon.

  3. wouter says:

    Well done guys. I take my hat off for the physical challenge, but most importantly, the fundraising for your various organizations. Also special hallo to my sister, yvette, that’s also riding. See you in the fairest cape. Regards and well wishes, wouter negrine

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