What makes an experience special?

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Sherwin Banda, the GM of The Table Bay Hotel often asks himself this question in his quest to offer The Table Bay’s guests an outstanding service. To him, 5 star luxury is not only about appearances, it is the experience itself. From the outset, his aspiration has been to provide our guests with life-defining moments that will create life-long memories.

This year The Table Bay Hotel, in Cape Town, celebrated its 15th anniversary. The Table Bay experience began in May 1997, fashioned by architects, designers, culinary artists and communicators. Every hotel manager has left his indelible mark from Jean Mestriner, to Luis Pinheiro, to Shaun Wheeler – each has had their own brand of management that has translated into guest experiences.

Sherwin Banda’s philosophy is one of style. For me style equal’s expression. It’s the total combination of urban luxury, stylish design and intuitive services. Simply put, it’s how we express our inner being outwardly. This includes all of our interests and values. Everything on the outside is merely a reflection of what’s on the inside. From our beautiful orchid arrangements, to our ever changing High Tea menu served in The Lounge, to providing epicureans with unfamiliar Fynbos dishes. We strive to evolve, to stimulate and to satiate every desire.

Yves Saint Laurent said: “fashion fades, style is eternal”. So while fashion is literally a trend that anyone can latch onto, we try to offer a blend of services that cannot be emulated.

I believe successful differentiation takes place not only in the minds of our guests, but in their hearts. As Cape Town is one of the most scenic cities in the world, there are a plethora of beautiful hotels.

So what differentiates us? Why would someone choose to stay at The Table Bay Hotel? Obviously our location at the V&A Waterfront is spectacular, but I think it’s our people that make the difference! We provide a unique style of service. The real essence of the people shines through. Each individual embodies what is so unique about South Africa which in turn enhances the guest experience in a meaningful way.

We welcome you to share in the experience of The Table Bay Hotel.

Sherwin Banda
General Manager
The Table Bay Hotel

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