Faithless Rocked Cape Town At The Grandwest Arena

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Faithless last graced our shores many years ago for a concert that showcased their incredible live performance. Many people have been eagerly awaiting their return; I for one was not able to attend their initial concert and I’ve been kicking myself ever since! When I found out that they would be performing at GrandWest Grand Arena this year I wasted no time in booking my ticket.

The performance took place last Friday on 4 February, and it was a night to remember! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the venue, the Arena has the feel of a Shakespearian theatre which seemed like a fitting place to experience these musical legends. There is a large standing area in front of the stage for the raving youngsters and die-hard fans, and a raised seating area above for those wanting a more comfortable experience. By the end of the show there were very few people sitting down, with the exception of those who were resting their feet after dancing so intensely!

The experience was electrifying! We were treated to the latest tunes from their new album “The Dance”, as well as some old classics such as “Insomnia”, “God is a DJ” and “We Come 1”. These old favourites really got the crowd moving and sent a wave of goose bumps down my arms. Add in the incredible lighting and exceptional sound, and you had a recipe for an excellent party. The sheer energy at which the band performed was truly amazing with the best received song being “Insomnia”.

Faithless really know how to put on a good show, and I will have fond memories of that night for years to come.

Did you attend the concert? What did you think?

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