Saintly, Sinful and wickedly Good High Tea

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High Tea

High Tea

Sun International’s Table Bay Hotel is the perfect place to put your feet up and chill out for the afternoon away from the madden café society crowd. Oh, and enjoy the age-old ritual of High Tea.

It’s an iconic hotel and an iconic afternoon tea. In the elegant lounge it’s easy to slip back into the Cape Town’s regency past, and the gleaming silverware, crisp white napkins and beautiful tea pots add to the experience.

In Cape Town, Table Mountain is never far away – in fact the lounge provides the perfect perch to view the mountain-scape – and as a nod to this magnificent expanse, Assistant Pastry Chef, Bhupeder Kumar, has created a special Spring High Tea menu featuring sky high lemon meringue pie, a rainbow baked cheese cake and chocolate mountain cake. And for those of you who like to count calories (surely not), Myer has put together a variety of desserts ranging from The Saintly, to the Sinful, to the Wickedly Good. Try the Cointreau-steeped strawberry Romanoff or the raspberry Amarula crème Brule which are gluten free but have generous helpings of alcohol (sinful), or if you’re being decidedly good, stick to the seasonal fruit pavlovas and mixed fruit jelly’s (saintly) or free fall into the wickedly good rum fruit cake slices or the mini croquembouche – a cone of chocolate, cream-filled profiteroles. Unbelievably delicious!

In addition, there are three types of quiches; spring green garden quiche (vegetarian), biltong and goat’s cheese quiche and curried chicken quiche, a selection of scones and several warm puddings.

Once inside the lounge, it’s hard not to love the “spice route” charm of it all. Colourful floral and striped fabrics beautifully intermingle with navy blue and turquoise, while the lofty ceilings just make you wish you could stay the night, and do it all over again the next day.

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