Celebrate Marine Week at The Table Bay Hotel

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Celebrate Marine Week at The Table Bay Hotel. The Table Bay Hotel is proud to support National Marine Week from 17 October – 23 October.  Our oceans have often been thought of as a bottomless resource but in reality marine resources are finite. We believe that it is imperative to encourage sustainable fishing which is why this year we’re serving a marine menu comprised of the most sustainable choices from the healthiest and most well managed sea-life populations.

Our oceans are under immense pressure with many of our fish stocks being dangerously depleted. According to the 2010 United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organisation report, 85% of the world´s fish stocks are either overexploited or exploited to their maximum. Take a look at the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative ’s (SASSI) pocket guide to ensure that you are enjoying sustainable fish the next time you’re at a restaurant.
Here at The Table Bay Hotel we only serve sustainable seafood. For Marine Week, we have a special set menu that includes:

  • Tomato caper consommé with peniad prawn salad, balsamic and soy marinated yellowfin tuna with avocado and crisp vegetables
  • Chipotle chilli and herb crusted calamari steak with cherry tomato and crushed white pepper relish
  • Caper Aioli, pan seared baby cobb on tossed roma tomato slivers
  • Baby capers and calamata olive dressing with slow cooked Potato in duck fat

After a delicious meal of guilt-free seafood, enjoy our traditional South African desserts including Koeksister nuggets, Cinnamon Milk Tart and Toffee Apple with Apricot Honey Comb.

To make a reservation for Marine Week, please contact us on +27 21406 5918 or alternatively email us.

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