New Year Celebrations at The Table Bay

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As promised, The Table Bay Hotel hosted a number of magnificent year end celebrations that welcomed 2011 with a bang. We took the festivities to a whole new level with an authentic medieval themed dinner event that was hosted in the resplendent hotel ballroom. We put a lot of research into this incredible New Year utterly celebration to make sure that the type of food kept to the middle ages theme. It proved to be divine.

To maintain the medieval feel, the food was kept rustic and served in a “market place” style. Our banquet, which was attended by some 150 guests, was completed with a “four and twenty black bird pie” – to be expected at a medieval feast. The Table Bay pastry chefs jumped to this challenge; creating a masterpiece that included a smoke machine inside so that the pie appeared steaming hot.

In addition to the pie, the lavish menu included bubbling cauldrons filled with caramel and chocolate sauce. Our guests revelled in dipping marshmallows and fruit sticks into the delicious sauce to add to the already delectable dessert.

This was one of 3 events hosted at the Table Bay Hotel to see in the New Year. Our restaurant, The Atlantic Grill hosted a “Knights at the Round Table” themed evening which offered a set menu for the 100 guests to feast on, and the Lounge and Conservatory served an à la carte menu on the night.

The Table Bay was undoubtedly thee place to celebrate the New Year! Were you a part of our festivities? Let us know what you thought.

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  1. karen Antunes says:

    is it possible to book a wedding at the bay hotel? and what are the rates etc

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