Our Chocolate High Tea at the Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town

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A corner table, view of Table Mountain and the busy Cape Town harbour just outside our window became our home from home for an afternoon of delight and joy. As we settled down to our Chocolate High Tea at the Table Bay Hotel I retold the story to my wife about how I had won us this honour through the Facebook competition jointly sponsored by Sun International and YuppieChef.

Shortly after being show to our comfy armchairs we were greeted by the friendly staff and presented with our first course, an array of savory handcrafted sandwiches and quiches. The silver pots of coffee added to the ambiance of the occasion. We soon got into the whole affair and relaxed as we sipped and nibbled and watched the world go by outside.

Our table was cleared and replaced with more coffee and a silver tier tray of scones, jams and cream. We tucked in once again allowing our stress to depart and a sense of contentment fill its place. We watched as others joined us in the lounge, some chatting wildly, others in business discussions and a few just relaxed with their books and allowed reality to drift away.

Again our coffee was refreshed and our plates whisked away after being directed to the main table. Armed with just an empty side plate and huge ambition we approached what looked like a set from a Willy Wonka film. The display of enchanting chocolate cakes and pastries with their addictive smells and well crafted displays soon captured our imaginations. We began our newfound mission of sampling, tasting and sharing working slowly from one side to the other. All washed down with yet more coffee we gave it our all, but will need to return another day to complete our journey of sensuous chocolate delight.

These few short hours in time will live on in both our minds and waist line for a long time to come. Many thanks to both Sun International, their wonderful staff and YuppieChef for their generosity, hospitality and creativity; an experience fit for royalty.

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  1. Marina says:

    We’re glad you guys enjoyed it, and look forward to teaming up with the Table Bay again in future.

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