Food and Wine Perfection at The Atlantic Grill

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Always on the cutting edge of innovation, and always looking to improve the guest experience, The Table Bay Hotel is proud to present its exciting new iPad menu system at The Atlantic Grill. Making use of the groundbreaking SAWi iPad application, the new digital menu will allow patrons to easily find the perfect wine to accompany their tantalising gourmet fare.

SAWi Application: Digital Sommelier

SAWi is a local initiative aimed at streamlining the process of wine rating, taking into account various pragmatic indicators to provide the average wine consumer with a simple guide to wine quality and suitability. Attempting to avoid the elitism often associated with the world of wine, the aim of SAWi is to make finding the ideal wine straightforward for consumers and restaurant patrons.

Part of the bold initiative is the release of the SAWi iPad application – the platform used by The Atlantic Grill for their exciting digital menus. The menu is by no means a mere novelty. Taking advantage of SAWi’s indicators, customised for The Atlantic Grill’s spectacular culinary offerings, the menus offer patrons the opportunity to consistently get the perfect wine pairings.

As customers browse dishes, the application offers suggestions for appropriate wine accompaniments from The Table Bay’s extensive cellars, along with easy to understand, relevant information on the vintages. This ensures the best possible dining experience every time.

Come and experience the wondrous fusion of taste and technology at The Table Bay.

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