Smell; The Nose and Brain Link

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As the Table Bay Hotel’s sommelier, I am always amazed by how a smell can transport you back in time, perhaps even to the days of your youth. It is the association of a time gone by connected to a particular smell that brings those memories crashing back. I find it utterly fascinating that by simply remembering that smell, the long forgotten experience becomes all too clear.

The same applies to the fabulous wines that I have the pleasure of testing, tasting and recommending. The other day, I opened a bottle of Rose and was instantly reminded of toffee apples. The smell took me back to the days of when I was a youth; I used to remove all the sticky syrup from the toffee apple and save it for after I’d finished the apple. I could feel the association of the moment come swirling around me with every whiff of the Rose.

Studies have told me that wine makes you happy; I think I finally understand what that means. Not only does it contain certain health properties, it also makes you feel better on the inside, especially when it helps you take a trip down memory lane.

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