High Tea For Nants’ Ingqayi Arts Development | Table Bay Hotel

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The Table Bay Hotel took their delicious and renowned high tea to a different location. This is not something that would normally occur, but seeing as though the guests for this particular tea were held in such high esteem; it only seemed fitting. The Table Bay took their high tea to Langa to serve guests of the community that are involved with Nants’ Ingqayi Arts Development.

Nants’ Ingqayi Arts Development is a non-profit organisation that aims to engage the local communities through theatre and artwork. They also focus on offering training that assists in creating employment opportunities, as well as on extra mural and cultural expression.

Their target market is:
• Youths out of school
• School children
• Community youth societies
• Disadvantaged youths
• Children from child headed homes due to HIV/AIDS
• Retired artists
• Disabled individuals

And they aim to inspire these individuals by the following means:
• Dance
• Theatre
• Music
• Literacy
• Visual Arts
• Craft
• Life Skills

We like to think that our delectable high tea was also an inspiration for these people as the enjoyment was spread on every face around the room as they dined on delicacies created by our expert pastry chefs.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to make people smile and our corporate social initiatives (CSI) are focused primarily on local organisations that deserve recognition and special treatment wherever possible.

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