Table Bay Shines The Light On Lighthouse Crèche

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A handful of employees at The Table Bay Hotel were humbled and honoured to be a part of an extra-special Christmas celebration in 2010. The Lighthouse Crèche in Hanover Park, Cape Town is a haven for children in the surrounding area, offering them safety, security, food and a comfortable space within which to be themselves. Volunteer workers run the crèche and ensure that the children get the best opportunities that are afforded to them through their limited resources.

We all thought that Christmas was the perfect opportunity to try and make a difference in the lives of these little people, so we decided to pay them all a visit.

Christmas Lunch With The Children

We ventured down to Hanover Park on 7 December 2010, and took with us all of the merry-making ingredients that we could find. We were greeted with smiles that would melt your heart, and much excitement ensued as the little ones danced and sang for us.

Hotdogs and juice were relished for lunch, a delectable meal for little ones! Lunch was followed by the handing out of party packs that were filled with all sorts of sweet treats and gifts. The little girls received bangles and necklaces that they quickly adorned themselves with, and the little boys received cars and toy guns. Each child took home a delicious home baked gingerbread man that had been made in the Table Bay kitchen.

We walked away from Lighthouse Crèche with warmth in our hearts and smiles on our faces. Very often we take for granted all the wealth that we have. When we get the opportunity to share what we have with people who are so deserving, it makes everything worthwhile.

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