The Great Moscow Circus

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More than mere entertainment, The Great Moscow Circus occupies a special place in the cultural life of Russia and is regarded as an art form similar to ballet or opera. More exciting than the average opera, though, are the death defying acts performed by highly skilled performers.

The Great Moscow Circus has existed for centuries, receiving its historic big break when an English horseman and impresario performed for Catherine the Great. She was so impressed that she invited him to open a trick-riding school, beginning a chain of events that would see Circus becoming one of the biggest entertainment forms in Russia in the 19th Century. The Russian Communist party approved of the Circus, as everyone regardless of race, class, language or education could enjoy it. The Old Moscow Circus was formed in 1880 and become one of the most adored and respected in Russia. State circus schools were established soon after and circus began to thrive in Russia, with the best performers travelling all over the country and visiting the rest of the world.

The Great Moscow Circus in South Africa offers an opportunity for the entire family to experience a completely different sort of entertainment with some of the greatest circus performers in the world. The Great Moscow Circus is always welcomed enthusiastically in South Africa, with tickets selling out rapidly – particularly since Sun International has elected not to raise prices since the last time the Circus visited in 2006.

This year’s audience can expect to see breathtaking and intricate seven-man trapeze acts, impressive springboard acts and an appearance from the renowned Yinchuan Chinese Acrobatic Troupe, who promise to leave the audience gasping as they tumble through metal hoops as fast as arrows fly. Favourites such as jugglers and the Baibak horizontal bar are also part of the performance, which is made more astounding by the beauty of the ornate costumes and sets and the infectious music which accompanies each memorable feat. An evening with The Great Moscow Circus offers the best of the best from a nation where circus is everything. Don’t miss out on seeing this incredible display of theatrical talent – book your tickets to this awesome event from Computicket now.

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