The Simple Beauty Of Wine

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A great wine maker can create a masterpiece with the simple application of thought, planning, the right grapes, the correct timeframe and balance. I am fortunate to have the responsibility of locating these remarkable winemakers, and bringing their fruitful offerings to the table. I always ensure that all of our guests at The Table Bay hotel are treated to a first class experience in quality wine.

I believe the beauty of wine is a combination of the senses. It is in the complex array of aromas the wine displays on the nose, complimented by the layers of flavours carried through onto the palate with alcohol, acid, wood, fruit and tannin in balance. In formulating the perfect wine, either red or white, none of these flavours must overpower the other. The positive end product comes from using good quality grapes, with a personal skill of years of winemaking behind you. It requires a lot of hard work and patience, and the entire process from the vineyard to the bottle, requires absolute care.

As a sommelier, I get to spend a lot of time tasting wine and have thus developed great respect for winemakers over the years. There is one thing that frustrates me though, and I know that I will encounter it many more times in my life: a guest orders the most expensive bottle of Chardonnay and wants to drink it with ice. Perhaps they don’t realise that this really dilutes the complex flavours and aromas of the wine, reducing it to a different taste experience that wasn’t the initial intention when the wine was being made.

Do you drink your Chardonnay with ice?

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