An Afternoon of Thrills for Underprivileged Children

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boysAllow me to introduce Eddie Johnson, a long serving staff member at The Table Bay Hotel, with over 12 years’ service under his belt. Eddie had humble beginnings where he served as a member of the hotel’s opening team, but has grown to fill his current position as Manager of the Honour Bar.

Eddie and his wife, Margaret, felt burdened by an obvious need amongst the underprivileged in their community and, decided to start a soup kitchen. They named their soup kitchen “Siyakhathala” (a Xhosa word meaning “we care”) as their goal was to extend a helping hand to uplift their community.

We support Eddie and Margaret by giving them a weekly supply of bread and much-needed ingredients for the soup kitchen which they run from their home in Lotus River on a Thursday. Siyakhathala has since gone from strength to strength, now boasting a group that has grown to serve soup and build friendships for 60 to 70 children.

Anyone with a child of their own will appreciate that there are so many little things we tend to take for granted but a visit to his home reminds us to be grateful for the blessings we have.

About 80 children and a handful of underprivileged, elderly people leave Eddie’s home with smiling faces and full tummies. It’s an experience that cannot be expressed by mere words.

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